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Welcome to The List!

The List is a weekly radio show hosted by Scott Madgett, featuring the irreverently poignant perspectives of Will, Cody, Laney and Alex. Although it's mostly laid-back/conversational humor, The List also features independent music by acts from the greater Jacksonville, FL area. You can hear us on 94.7 WGOT in Gainesville, FL every Saturday@4pm or any other time on our podcast listen/download page.


Exclusive: Live Gospel Music Tracks!

09/30/2011 - The live in-studio performances by Owen Holmes and Madeline Long of Gospel Music, featured in our July 12, 2011 podcast, are now available to download! WARNING! These tracks may open your mind to new music! Listen at your own risk...   Gamophobia   This Town Doesn't Have Enough Bars for Both of Us

We're Totally Not Lazy... Really!

09/26/2011 - Yes... another week, another missing episode. But hey think of it this way, if you missed last week's episode (ep. 29 - Live Session: Starring Me) then now's your chance to catch-up! If you already heard last week's episode, then give it another listen and this time pay attention to that faint smacking sound in the background. Trust me, it puts a whole new spin on that conversation!

Take a Break, Already!

08/08/2011 - In an effort to make sure that you don't get too spoiled and start taking us for granted, The List is taking this week off. Yes I know it's tough, but don't be sad, just think how great you'll feel when we come back!

Exclusive: Live Crash the Satellites Tracks!

07/30/2011 - Now the live in-studio performances by Paul Paxton of Crash the Satellites, featured in our June 21, 2011 podcast, are available for download! So check out these exclusive tracks...   City of Pearls   Mother's Bones

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The Latest:

"Live Session: Beau Crum"
May 15, 2012
Special Guests: Beau, Joel, and Dave! List topics: Beau Crum music, Gender reassignment, and white rappers. Featuring live, in-studio music performed by Beau Crum!

Last Week's Ep:

"What's Poppin' wit Nessie?"
May 08, 2012
List topics: Aliens, Ghosts, Squatches, and Canadian Geese. Featuring music by Grammar Tree.